Main Concrete Slab

A concrete slab is a common and important component in the modern building of today. A thick concrete slab supported on bases in industrial and domestic buildings or on the sub land, can be used in the construction of the ground floor in building. A thin precast concrete slab can be used to be slung between frameworks so that you can make ceiling and flooring in skyscrapers and tall building made of steel.

There are different types of concrete slab specifically one way slab, two way slab as well as a plat that is level or level slab. On four sides, the support is in a one way slab plus it’s a bigger bridge in a single path than in the other. In case the slab is supported right without the aid of any beams or girders on columns, it’s known as a level slab or flat plate. A level slab is advantageous as it offers an improved fire protection and entails an easy formwork.

Thermal Operation

Two primary thermal factors are; insulating material of a floor slab, firstly and second the high thermal mass. In building made according to the older system, heat can be consumed by the slabs in the area as they can be cast right on the floor. The concrete slab could have under floor heating conduits where as in modern building, and these slabs are cast a layer of insulating material, above expanded polystyrene. Here the slab is cast right cast by keeping it into a rocky substrate, that may prevent freezing and overheating.

In which a concrete can be used the high thermal mass is placed on the walls, flooring and everywhere. It’s of great edge in location where temperature swings cool throughout the day and occur by acting as regulators assist in keeping the building warm in the night time.

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