Build the basement become more popular as the prices of the land in UK are high. Specialy in London. Usually for the bloks of flats as a parking permises spa area for central London Projects. For the luxury developments in central London it mostly create cinema rooms, swimming pools.

The basement can be created using these techiniques. Traditional underpinning techniques can be supplemented by other engineering methods such as contiguous bored piles, reinforced concrete walls and slabs to allow multiple level basements be constructed with suitible waterproofing solutions and techniques.

We canĀ  offer services for all excavation and removal of spoil, reinforced concrete and steel works, together with all temporary or permanent shoring works, followed by the waterproofing and drainage that are so critical for your basment. Works for the party walls stabilization works. Installing supporting bars or structures to hold in place partywalls permamently or temporary.